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Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities

You probably think that celebrities can only be well-dressed because they have access to the work of the best designers and can afford the most expensive and stylish clothes. Which is why you cringe every time you see a celebrity who displays a horrible outfit at an important event or who left home without looking in the mirror. We made a selection of the best and the worst dressed celebs so you will be able to analyze their outfits and make your own opinion.
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Jennifer Lopez

While she had her bad days over the years, Jennifer Lopez is usually on the well-dressed page due to her great taste for fashion and the showbiz experience. This stunning yellow gown designed by Giambattista Valli complemented the ravishing beauty of the singer.
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Kendall Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is starting to gain more and more popularity and admiration from fans and it’s mostly due to her flawless public appearances. The clean and fresh look of Kendall has made her a true fashion icon and has brought her many well-dressed awards.
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Gigi Hadid

Not only is Gigi Hadid a famous Victoria’s Secret angel, but she is also one of the most fresh and adorable views in the famous ones’ world. As you can see from this picture, she loves the sexy yet neat appearances that make her look stunning. She is beautiful and she knows that so she loves to highlight her genuine beauty.
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Lady Gaga

While Lady Gaga has proved that she can do so much better than this, she keeps reminding fans that she has a taste for lack of fashion taste. This embellished dress designed by Marc Jacobs wasn’t the happiest choice especially because of the ugly hair, the red shoes, and the strong makeup.
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Miley Cirus

The sweet Disney princess is long gone and what it’s left is a twisted mind young woman who likes to show up rather naked than dressed. We just couldn’t decide which of her outfits is the worst because she offers enough material for an entire magazine. However, we chose this one due to the awful boots combined with the printed bathing suit dress.
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Jacqueline Van Bierk

The star wore an abominable outfit at the 2016 Grammy Awards that would scare even the monsters. If the ugly dress wasn’t enough, she accessorized it with the most horrible pair of pink sandals. We can’t even say that we liked something because there is nothing to like about this look.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Fashion is very important when it comes to creating a look because no one wants to wear items that went out of style a decade ago. However, not everyone understands fashion and many people make mistakes that ruin their entire outfit. This is why we thought we would give a hand to those who are not so accustomed to the latest fashion trends and we chose the most important fashion mistakes to be avoided in 2016.
Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2016 Picture

Animal print items

Many of you have waited for the animal print trend to go away and, luckily for you, this year it actually does go away. If last year suffocated you with coats, pants, shoes, and skirts with animal print, this year not a single designer opted for this style. However, there are many prints to choose from this year if you don’t like plain and simple clothes. You can choose the floral print or stripes that are suitable for any type of outfit.

Folded jeans

Forget about folded jeans this year as they are out of fashion. Instead, opt for raw-edge jeans that make you look relaxed and give you a casual feeling. Choose jeans that fit your height and if they don’t, have them hemmed so you will not have to fold them.

Too many accessories

If last year was about many colorful necklaces and rings, this year’s trends include fewer accessories carefully chosen to complement and not mask your outfit. Avoid wearing too many trinkets that clutter your outfit and limit your accessories to one or two delicate items. This year’s top jewelry are the silver ones that add a metallic accent to your look.

Wear clothes that don’t fit your body

This mistake is often made without even realizing it because people don’t know their body type and the clothes that look best on them. This year, make sure you analyze your body with more care and that the clothes you will wear will match your body construction and your weight.

Match colorful shoes to your outfit

Instead of choosing a colorful pair of shoes, it’s best to opt for a pair in a neutral color and put color accents on your clothing. This year, nude shoes will create a trend meant to highlight the upper area of your outfit. Although some designers still preferred colorful shoes, most of them recommend neutral shoes in combination with vibrant clothes and not the other way around.

2016 Statement Fashion Items

While some fashion items are plain and they are present in every year’s trends, others make interesting appearances and become designers’ favorite items. For a stylish look, you must know which are the 2016 statement fashion items that you must include in your wardrobe.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

The slip dress

This year, you must include a slip dress in your closet if you want to be a fashionable appearance in any moment of the day. A simple black dress can create the best day outfit while a sleek lace model can make you stand out at a party. You can easily slip in one of these clothing items and achieve a stylish and trendy look.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

The pajama shirt

Pajama sets have been designers’ favorite for this year’s fashion shows and many fashionistas have already bought one. If you are not a fan of pajamas on the streets, you can still use this statement item in your outfits if you only choose a shirt that goes well with a pair of casual jeans, some flats, and a casual jacket.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

White sneakers

Sneakers have made a comeback in 2016 and they have shortly become women’s favorites because they are comfortable and easy to match to any outfit. Whether it’s a tweed suit you opt for, a white tennis dress, a pair of boyfriend jeans or a maxi skirt, the white sneakers will complete your outfit in a stylish way. You might think that white sneakers can’t be a statement, but they can if you opt for a sleek texture or a metallic accent.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

Silver jewelry

So much for gemstones and oversized colorful jewelry as 2016 brings in the spotlight the silver jewelry with a minimalist touch that can always be turned into the centerpiece of your outfit. Silver is more casual and versatile than gold and you can match it to your outfits in more than one way.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

The ruffled dress

If you are looking for eye-catching fashion items that are simple and elegant, the ruffled dress trend will become your favorite 2016 fashion item. For the day, you can opt for a loose version that will feel airy and comfortable while for the night you can go for a tighter version with a statement ruffle.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

Raw-edged jeans

This year’s new-come fashion trend is the raw edge of jeans that offers them a casual and interesting air at the same time. Either you opt for boyfriend jeans or flare jeans, the raw edge is a must and will make you look and feel like a real fashionista.

Celebrity Fashion Icons

Among the many celebrities from Hollywood, some have managed to make a name for themselves and to become gorgeous appearances in both red carpet events and day-to-day life. Here are the celebrity fashion icons that managed to stay fashionable and stylish no matter what.
Celebrity Fashion Icons Picture

Lily-Rose Depp

As the name suggests, she is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and the genetic inheritance says it all. While this beauty has been kept secret so far, the past year and the one that has just begun have turned her into a real fashion icon due to the success she had in the fashion industry. Her outfits have been exquisite and she has learned how to match items from the best, so she soon became a model to follow in terms of fashion.
Celebrity Fashion Icons Picture

North West

It might seem odd to have a baby among fashion icons, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter surely deserves this title. The little sweetheart boasts a stylish custom-made wardrobe and always looks stunning although she is not the one choosing her outfits most of the time. Still, she has made a name in the fashion world and she will surely become a model for the generations to come.
Celebrity Fashion Icons Picture

Selena Gomez

For more serious celebrity fashion icon choices, we have selected Selena Gomez due to her stunning taste for fashion and the amazing outfits she has displayed over time. Her outfits have always been sleek and elegant and she always managed to remain a fresh breeze among all the Hollywood stars that oscillated in fashion.
Celebrity Fashion Icons Picture


We can’t speak about fashion and not include Beyonce in our chart. The star singer and actress is designers’ spoiled and enjoys the best outfits and the finest garments. Over the years, she has always shown a fresh and sleek look and the constancy in fashion made her a true fashion icon who always knew how to maintain her diva appearance.
Celebrity Fashion Icons Picture

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter actress is a genuine beauty and she has polished her style over the years so that she well deserves the fashion icon title. With her face mimic resembling Audrey Hepburn and the clean taste for fashion, Emma managed to become one of the best dressed and stylish appearances in Hollywood.
Celebrity Fashion Icons Picture

Charlize Theron

This stunning blonde actress is a popular presence in most Hollywood events and awards and she has always displayed a stylish and elegant look. In her free time, she loves to wear fashionable items and her feminine elegance has always helped her look beautiful.

Simple Hairstyles You can Achieve with a Flat Iron

Although not very complicated, the following hairstyles will help you achieve a beautiful look with minimum effort. All you will need is a good flat iron that will take care of your hair and will make it look gorgeous without taking from its natural shine and bounce. Opt for a quality flat iron with ceramic or titanium plates so you will prevent heat damage to the hair and you are ready to start experiencing these hairstyles. Before choosing a certain item, analyze your hair type to discover the right material and the temperature range you need so you won’t ruin your hair while styling it.
Simple Hairstyles You can Achieve with a Flat Iron Picture

Bouncy curls

Curly hair can immediately become straight hair thanks to the great flat iron that uses heat to tame the hair and change its shape. But straight hair can also become curly using the same flat iron. What you have to do is take a strain of hair, wrap it around your finger to create a loop and wrap it in aluminum foil. Take the piece of hair wrapped in foil and put it between the plates of the flat iron to allow the heat to shape it in bouncy curls the remove the foil and there you have, great and textured curls.
Simple Hairstyles You can Achieve with a Flat Iron Picture 2

Loose curls

You can easily achieve some loose curls using a flat iron regardless your hair length and you can either start from the roots or mid-length. Simply take the strain of hair between the plates, roll the strain of hair over the flat iron with the twist of your wrist, and slide the plates down the strain of hair. The result will be some loose curls that add volume and shape to your hair.
Simple Hairstyles You can Achieve with a Flat Iron Picture 3

Crimp curls

If you want more defined curls that add more texture to your hair, you can use a great trick that implies your flat iron. Braid your hair in a few braids starting as close to the roots as possible so the curls will begin from the roots. Once you have braided your hair, press the flat iron onto each braid so the heat will penetrate the hair. When you will release your hair from the braids, you will achieve thick and firm curls.
Simple Hairstyles You can Achieve with a Flat Iron Picture 4

Mermaid curls

For another version of soft and silky curls, gather a strain of hair and twist it from top to bottom then take the flat iron and glide it over the hair several times so the heat will penetrate the entire strain. Once you are done, release the strain and apply some hair spray to fix the curls into position.

Effective Remedies for Different Skin Imperfections

In your pursuit for flawless skin, you have probably encountered dozens of remedies that stated to be able to offer you the perfect complexion without any sign of imperfection. If the previous remedies haven’t brought the expected results, you can try the effective remedies we reveal in the following lines and you will soon get rid of various skin imperfections.
Effective Remedies for Different Skin Imperfections Picture

Remedies for skin tags

  • No one likes skin tags because hey are unpleasant to see and to feel on the skin, this is why you find so many skin tag remedies. Among all, the apple cider vinegar is one that really works and you can say goodbye to skin tags in a couple of weeks. Once you pour apple cider vinegar on the tags, the acidity of the fluid will attack their core and will make them fall off forever.
  • Another useful trick that helps is to pour lemon juice or onion juice on the tags in order to destroy their core. Squeeze a lemon over the tag or squeeze an onion and leave it sit overnight before applying it on the skin tags. You will soon notice the skin tags will dry and will eventually fall off.

Effective Remedies for Different Skin Imperfections Picture

Remedies for uneven skin tone

  • If you have skin tone problems, you must know that you can easily solve them using a few items you have at home. For example, you can mix honey and lemon juice and make a cream that you must apply on the problem area. The soothing properties of honey and the acid of lemon will act against dark spots and will leave your skin clear and shiny.
  • Dairy has great lightening properties and they make great skin lightening remedies that actually work. Mix some yogurt with other lightening ingredients like tomatoes or turmeric and apply the mixture to your skin and it will start achieving an even tone.

Effective Remedies for Different Skin Imperfections Picture

Remedies for acne and pimples

  • Whether you are at puberty or you have acne issues, this remedy will certainly help you achieve a flawless skin. Mix some honey with cinnamon and apply the sticky pomade to your face as a natural barrier against bacteria. It’s known that honey is a natural antibiotic that fights bacteria and cinnamon is a great antimicrobial that will prevent bacteria from spreading, so they make a great team.
  • Egg whites make a great acne remedy because they are full of proteins and vitamins that fight acne and rebuild skin cells. Plus, they absorb excess sebum so bacteria won’t spread, which is great when you have acne.

Beauty Benefits of a Restful Sleep

You’ve all heard about beauty sleep but many of you thought that it was just a matter of speaking and that it has nothing to do with your physical appearance. As a matter of fact, it’s more than a saying because your sleep can really improve the way you look as it allows your body to recover from all the things it goes through during the day. If you don’t take our word, find out below which are the beauty benefits of a restful sleep.
Beauty Benefits of a Restful Sleep Picture

Fewer dark eye circles

The most annoying sign of fatigue that your face shows are the dark eye circles you get after a bad night sleep. Given that the skin under your eyes is thin and highly vascularized, it takes a restful sleep to adjust the blood flow and to reduce the risk of waking up with large bags under your eyes. If you manage to sleep well at night, you will wake up feeling more rested and you will look fresher.

No more immune-related skin problems

A good quality sleep can help you solve the immune-related skin conditions that are worsened by stress and a poor sleep. Increased body inflammation triggers skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and weakens the immune system that no longer can defend your body. Having a restful sleep reduces the risk of these diseases and helps your immune system get stronger so the risk of developing skin conditions is lowered.
Beauty Benefits of a Restful Sleep Picture

Fewer hormones mean a cleaner skin

Not sleeping enough causes stress hormones to go wild and to temper with your body’s natural functioning. These hormones cause several skin problems like acne, skin sensitivity, allergies, and irritations. A restful night sleep eliminates the chances of developing skin problems as it regulates the hormone release in your body.

A rejuvenated skin

Every night is your body’s chance to recover from the day and to regulate the levels of hormones and substances that influence the aging process. During the sleep, your skin recovers its elasticity and allows its cell to repair damage occurred during the day. Without a deep sleep stage, the cell repair won’t take place and your skin will age instead of rejuvenating.
Beauty Benefits of a Restful Sleep Picture

How can you sleep better?

Now that you’ve found out the benefits of a restful sleep on your beauty, it’s time to look for ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Alteril can help you in this matter due to the natural and effective extracts it includes. These sleep enhancing pills contain only natural ingredients and extracts from plants that induce sleep without causing addiction. If you don’t want to resort to pills, a sound machine can help you achieve a more restful sleep as it helps your brain become more relaxed and to fall into a deep stage of sleep without being distracted by surrounding noises.