Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Fashion is very important when it comes to creating a look because no one wants to wear items that went out of style a decade ago. However, not everyone understands fashion and many people make mistakes that ruin their entire outfit. This is why we thought we would give a hand to those who are not so accustomed to the latest fashion trends and we chose the most important fashion mistakes to be avoided in 2016.
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Animal print items

Many of you have waited for the animal print trend to go away and, luckily for you, this year it actually does go away. If last year suffocated you with coats, pants, shoes, and skirts with animal print, this year not a single designer opted for this style. However, there are many prints to choose from this year if you don’t like plain and simple clothes. You can choose the floral print or stripes that are suitable for any type of outfit.

Folded jeans

Forget about folded jeans this year as they are out of fashion. Instead, opt for raw-edge jeans that make you look relaxed and give you a casual feeling. Choose jeans that fit your height and if they don’t, have them hemmed so you will not have to fold them.

Too many accessories

If last year was about many colorful necklaces and rings, this year’s trends include fewer accessories carefully chosen to complement and not mask your outfit. Avoid wearing too many trinkets that clutter your outfit and limit your accessories to one or two delicate items. This year’s top jewelry are the silver ones that add a metallic accent to your look.

Wear clothes that don’t fit your body

This mistake is often made without even realizing it because people don’t know their body type and the clothes that look best on them. This year, make sure you analyze your body with more care and that the clothes you will wear will match your body construction and your weight.

Match colorful shoes to your outfit

Instead of choosing a colorful pair of shoes, it’s best to opt for a pair in a neutral color and put color accents on your clothing. This year, nude shoes will create a trend meant to highlight the upper area of your outfit. Although some designers still preferred colorful shoes, most of them recommend neutral shoes in combination with vibrant clothes and not the other way around.

Posted on: March 9, 2016Amelia Johnson