How to Wear Statement Jewelry

How to Wear Statement Jewelry

One of the most beautiful accessories that can help you to define your outfit is a statement piece of jewelry. While it may be tempting to wear all sort of gorgeous accessories, keep in mind that less is more and you have to be rational when it comes to what jewelry to wear. The beauty of statement jewelry is that it is colorful, stylish and bold and it may be just the right thing when you don’t have many ideas to make your outfit memorable one.

Here are some basic guidelines that will help you draw attention and be the star whenever you want to wear statement jewelry.

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The best way to choose earrings is by their shape. To make sure they highlight your look, choose them by the shape of your face. If you have an oval face you can wear almost every type of earning: short, long, narrow dangles. Round and square-shaped faces can elongate their face with slender, dangle earrings. For those with long faces some short earrings will be enough. A great tip to help you draw attention to the earrings is to pull back your hair.

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The neckline is a very important feature if you want to highlight the necklace. A good rule is to never wear necklaces that are at the top edge of your cloths because they tend to get in and out. The beautiful colored necklaces work very well with a simple piece of clothing, white, nude or black if you want to be more elegant. Keep in mind that any other jewelries may be too much for your look.

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With statement bracelets you can be a little more creative and become bolder. Feel free to mix different styles from old to new, thick to thin, or whatever you want. Be sure that you stick to a number of maximum six bangles on one arm only and make sure that the colors complement each other.

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When you choose a giant, sparkly ring make sure it gets all the attention. If you have small hands, make sure that it doesn’t cover your finger too much. Choose a simple manicure because multi-colored nail art will make you look exaggerated. Your nail polish should be simple, elegant and in natural colors.

Remember that statement jewelry can help you create an overall outfit. So after all this information you may be able to create an outstanding look only by accessorizing your clothes with some interesting items.

Posted on: May 1, 2016Alissa Robers