Best Hairstyle Ideas for Blondes

Blonde hair is gorgeous, there’s no denying it. As a famous old movie said, gentlemen prefer blondes. They seem delicate, refined, and sweet. But for a blonde to be the center of attention, the hair color isn’t enough. It has to be accompanied by a breath-taking hairstyle as well. Therefore, if you are blonde and you want to find out which are the best hairstyle ideas for you to try, read the following lines.
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Half-up twist

A simple hairstyle that you could try and that will definitely give you a stunning look is the half-up twist. It’s extremely easy to do, and you will benefit from it due to the fact that it gets your hair out of your face. All that you have to do when you style your hair in a half-up twist is to take three-inch sections of your hair from each side and twist them at the back of the hair. You can try a simple model like the one shown in the picture above. When you reach the half of your hair’s length, secure the twist with a clear elastic for it to remain in position.
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Fluffy topknot

Another great and simple hairstyle that you could try is the fluffy topknot. This hairstyle works best when you’re dressed in casual clothes. Make sure that your hair is totally frizz free. Brush it into a very high ponytail. On the last wrap of the elastic, pull the ends halfway through. This way you will create a soft loop of hair about the size of an apple. For the look to not be too messy, pin down either side of the loop for it to become less floppy.
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Sideways fishtail

You will definitely be the center of attention if you style your gorgeous blonde hair into a sideways fishtail. This hairstyle goes well when you’re dressed in casual clothes, but you can wear it even when you’re on a date if it goes well with the clothes that you’re wearing. In case you have wavy hair, all you have to do is to twist it staring from above your neck on a side. If you have straight hair, create the curls needed for it with a curling iron.
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Voluminous mid-level ponytail

Women tend to avoid the ponytail because it’s a boring hairstyle. Thankfully, we have the voluminous mid-level ponytail now. It’s a spectacular hairstyle that suits a blonde perfectly. For this hairstyle, create a voluminous, curled tail with a texturizing spray. Also, wrap your hair with a clear elastic at neck length.
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Modern finger wave

A classy hairstyle that works best for blondes is definitely the modern finger wave. This 1920’s inspired hairstyle is meant to be worn only when you’re rocking a classy dress for an event or with a special occasion. You will definitely be the belle of the ball, and everyone’s eyes will be on you. To get this look, curl your hair with a 3-inch curling iron, with the front pieces going toward your face. Roll up the curls toward your scalp, and pin them in place. At the end, let the curls down, and gently brush them with a boar bristle brush.