2016 Statement Fashion Items

While some fashion items are plain and they are present in every year’s trends, others make interesting appearances and become designers’ favorite items. For a stylish look, you must know which are the 2016 statement fashion items that you must include in your wardrobe.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

The slip dress

This year, you must include a slip dress in your closet if you want to be a fashionable appearance in any moment of the day. A simple black dress can create the best day outfit while a sleek lace model can make you stand out at a party. You can easily slip in one of these clothing items and achieve a stylish and trendy look.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

The pajama shirt

Pajama sets have been designers’ favorite for this year’s fashion shows and many fashionistas have already bought one. If you are not a fan of pajamas on the streets, you can still use this statement item in your outfits if you only choose a shirt that goes well with a pair of casual jeans, some flats, and a casual jacket.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

White sneakers

Sneakers have made a comeback in 2016 and they have shortly become women’s favorites because they are comfortable and easy to match to any outfit. Whether it’s a tweed suit you opt for, a white tennis dress, a pair of boyfriend jeans or a maxi skirt, the white sneakers will complete your outfit in a stylish way. You might think that white sneakers can’t be a statement, but they can if you opt for a sleek texture or a metallic accent.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

Silver jewelry

So much for gemstones and oversized colorful jewelry as 2016 brings in the spotlight the silver jewelry with a minimalist touch that can always be turned into the centerpiece of your outfit. Silver is more casual and versatile than gold and you can match it to your outfits in more than one way.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

The ruffled dress

If you are looking for eye-catching fashion items that are simple and elegant, the ruffled dress trend will become your favorite 2016 fashion item. For the day, you can opt for a loose version that will feel airy and comfortable while for the night you can go for a tighter version with a statement ruffle.
2016 Statement Fashion Items Picture

Raw-edged jeans

This year’s new-come fashion trend is the raw edge of jeans that offers them a casual and interesting air at the same time. Either you opt for boyfriend jeans or flare jeans, the raw edge is a must and will make you look and feel like a real fashionista.